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The Fahrenheits

Zeke Fahrenheit

Zeke Age:35
Profession: Film critic
Likes: The Ladies
Hates: The Ladies, when they're not cooperating . . . which is always.


Snap Fahrenheit

Snap Fahrenheit Age: 14
Profession: Student
Likes: Hello Kitty
Hates: When her father is acting weird (which is all the time)


Doofus J. Thump

Doofus Age: 27
Profession: Homebody
Likes: Chillaxing
Hates: Vegetables


Sgt. Shere Lunacee Pepper

Sgt Shere Lunacee Pepper Age: 47
Profession: Nuclear-powered kill-bot
Likes: Cutting up
Hates: Squares


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Princess Acinonyx Jubatus

Acee Age: 18
Profession: Regent of the Kingdom of Xootopia, Interdimensional Hottie Supreme
Likes: Getting her way
Hates: Not getting her way, and to a lesser degree, Zeke Fahrenheit.


Princess Uncia Uncia Jubatus

Uncee Age: 11
Profession: Adorable little bugger
Likes: Squishy things to hug
Hates: When her sister is getting down on her


Steely Dan MacCool

Steely Age: 21
Profession: Master assassin, thief, all-around crazy lunatic
Likes: The sound blades make when slipping between ribs
Hates: When there's not enough to eat


Ignatius "Iggy" Loyola

IggyAge: 3 months
Profession: Cute little bloodsucking arachnid
Likes: Cuddling
Hates: Being yelled at


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Mars Academy Students

Air von Wurtham

Air Age: 14
Profession: Student
Likes: Nice people, quiet solitude
Hates: Mean people
Special Ability: Magic horn


Aquatica Triton

Aqua Age: 15
Profession: Student
Likes: Sunfish
Hates: Freezing, boiling
Special Ability: Water control


Gareth of Vundervorld

Gareth Age: 17
Profession: Elf prince, student
Likes: The way his hair sparkles in the sunlight
Hates: Pesky mortals
Special ability: Immortality, heightened sense and reflexes


George the Scourge

George Age: 100,016
Profession: Student, walking anthropology experiment
Likes: Meat raw off the bone
Hates: Things that beep at him
Special ability: Vast superhuman strength, heightened senses


Harriet Hecate

Harriet Age: 15
Profession: Student
Likes: Rodents, worms, seeds
Hates: Thanksgiving
Special Ability: Flight


Hippolyta "Hippie" Matchstick

Hippie Age: 15
Profession: Student, peacenik
Likes: Brownies
Hates: Her boobs. Or lack thereof.
Special Ability: Vast, superhuman strength


Jessica "Jessie" Whitehall

Jessie Age: 14
Profession: Student
Hates: Don't be hating! <3
Special Ability: Super speed


Jotunna Ymirdottir

Jotunna Age: 15
Profession: Student
Likes: Long walks along the beach
Hates: Melting
Special Ability: Freeze power


Kendra "Kenny" Wellseason

Kenny Age: 14
Profession: Student
Likes: Reading
Hates: Jerks
Special Ability: Can render herself invisible to the mind's eye


Lilith (Lily) Lugosi

Lilith Age: 15
Profession: Student
Likes: Souls
Hates: Raisins
Special Ability: Sucking souls


Macho Hannigan

Macho Age: 16
Profession: Student, cool cat
Likes: The ladies
Hates: Being asked if his dad is Johnny Bravo
Special ability: Super healing


Sedusa G. Orgona

Sedusa Age: 15
Profession: Student
Likes: Parties, popularity
Hates: Kendra Wellseason
Special Ability: Petrifying gaze


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Mars Academy Faculty

Abigail "Abby" Mars

Abby Age: 70
Profession: Principal, adventurer
Likes: Science!
Hates: ZEKE.


Amanda Wellseason

Amanda Wellseason Age: 40
Profession: Science teacher, mother
Likes: Being proud of her daughter
Hates: Breaking the laws of physics


Duke Theseus

Duke Theseus Age: 44
Profession: Ass kicker, bubblegum chewer (where applicable)
Likes: When he's kicking ass
Hates: When he's all outta bubblegum


Euphrosyne Miranda

Euphie Age: 69
Profession: School Administrator, Huntress (semi-retired)
Likes: Her trophy room
Hates: PETA


H. G. Wells

H.G. Wells Age: 69
Profession: Author of popular fiction, time traveler
Likes: Stomping Martians
Hates: That stick-in-the-mud Jules Verne


John Orichalcum

John Orichalcum Age: 59
Profession: Occult investigator, conjurer
Likes: Cigarettes by the mouthful
Hates: Gremlins
Special Ability: Magic powers


Paddington J. Gorilla

Paddington J. Gorilla Age: 55
Profession: Chemistry professor, adventurer
Likes: Curling up with a good book and nice cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot
Hates: Bad grammar


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Booga-Booga Smiley Face

Booga-Booga Age: Booga-Booga Smiley Face!
Profession: Booga-Booga Smiley Face!
Likes: Booga-Booga Smiley Face!
Hates: Booga-Booga Smiley Face!


Carcharodon O'Gill

Carcharodon O'GillAge: 44
Profession: Professional Criminal, Slave Trader
Likes: Feeding frenzy
Hates: Damn near everything and everybody
Powers: Vast superhuman strength; breathe underwater; smell blood miles and miles away

Ekez von Wurtham

Ekez Age: 56
Profession: ???
Likes: Evil


John Deth

John Deth Age: 500+
Profession: Assassin, bounty hunter
Likes: Chewing bubblegum, kicking ass
Hates: When he's out of bubblegum
Special Ability: One-touch kill



Merciless Age: 64
Profession: Huntress
Likes: Money
Hates: Troublesome quarry



Mortimer Age: 41
Profession: Accountant, lawyer, agent
Likes: Keeping his limbs intact
Hates: His boss


Vortigern Schlonk

Vortigern Schlonk Age: 58 Profession: Professional Criminal, Slave Trader
Likes: Being pampered by beautiful girls
Hates: Having his belly tickled, makes him giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy
Special Attributes: Mechanical Auto-Chair

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