Meet the Author: L. E. Simmons

L. E. Simmons lives somewhere in Indiana, sometime in the near, near future. Before cranking out this hacktastic piece of literature, he liked writing fan fiction about My Little Pony, and still does. The new one, not the old one. Got a problem with that? If it's any consolation, he liked writing fan fiction about Kingdom Hearts prior to that, and the occasional fan fiction centered around Scrubs. Got a problem with that?

Don't worry, he does too.

His favorite books are stuff featuring artwork by Frank Frazetta on the cover, the more naked the lady on it the better, and anything involving fisticuffs, usually if one of the combatants is a bear. His favorite writer is Dave Barry, Douglas Adams coming in a very, very close second. MST3K had an ungodly amount of influence on the way he watches movies now. If Sam Raimi ever makes a Doc Savage movie starring Patrick Warburton, Bruce Campbell, Neil Flynn, Ron Perlman, the Rock, Javier Bardem, John Cleese, Hugh Laurie and Amy Adams, with a rock anthem by Queen, L.E. could die a happy, happy camper.

In the comments area of this comic you can find him under the handle "LESimmons"

Meet the Colorist: S. Ammons

Skyler Ammons is a comic and manga enthusiast who dreams of becoming a comic book artist (not going so well) and colorist (actually going well). Hailing from the forgotten land of Oil and Buffaloes, also known as Oklahoma, and currently a student at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, this charming and eccentric Okie is on the fast track to a Graphic Design degree (with a minor in Fanserviceology). Skyler has been a long time friend of L.E. Simmons’, and is currently his coloring slave. It keeps him down in the basement chained to a desk with a copy of Photoshop CS5 coloring for peanuts . . . And the occasional Burger King Combo Meal.

Skyler’s major writing influences are Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Ken Akamatsu, Stan Lee, Robert Kirkman, Kevin Eastman, and Adam Warren. His major artistic influences are Marcus To, Greg Capullo, Ben Bates, Ken Akamatsu (again), and Cory Walker.

In the comments area of this comic, you can find him going by "Phantomskyler"


Meet the Artist: J. Jenkins

Jayson Jenkins was born into one of the most boring states known as Ohio; he is a digital artist who began drawing fanart of all the amazing animes that aired on Toonami back in the day. His dream is to be able to sit back and get paid to do absolutely nothing; but since thats not a viable job he decided to try and make a living off doing what he loves and thats drawing. Before the artist that is daJENKI appeared on site he was stupidly going to college for a degree in medicine. but soon the epiphany that he hated his life and where it was going rushed over him and so after a couple years of not drawing he picked that pencil up again and got to work with a new determination to put out work he can be proud of. So now he sits around drawing every minute he can hoping he can make enough money to buy his next meal but such is the life of an artist.

Jayson's major influences come from japanese anime/manga like: DBZ, Naruto, One piece, and many many more. Another pool he gathers inspiration from is alot of the major video games out and about.